Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We'll See What Happens  

It appears (as of this morning) that the idea to include family planning in the economic stimulus package will be withdrawn.  Republicans have argued that it doesn't really qualify as stimulus to the economy.   It seems that the plan was to begin with contraceptives and family planning services (whatever that is).  But I wonder just how liberally interpreted this could have been and when would it lead to providing abortions to limit the population and thus provide a stress relief to the economy.  This is a scary path to put our country on.  I don't want to even think about where it could lead.  God, please change the course.

By the way...we leave in only SEVENTEEN DAYS for Ukraine.  We'll cuddle with our boys for the first time in just a few weeks!!!  That seems so hard to believe!
Praise God!

What next?

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