Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ilya in Ukraine...  

His name is Ilya. He, too, was given up at birth by his parents because he shares the diagnosis of Down syndrome. But Ilya hasn't "come home" yet. And his future doesn't look good. He's small, under-stimulated, under-nourished, and frankly he needs someone to put a smile on his face! Ilya was born in November of 2004 and just turned four years old. He's now just 10 months from being transferred to a mental institution.

For the next 4 weeks there is a fundraiser for Ilya. This will go straight to his Reece's Rainbow grant and all money donated will be available to his forever family to help with the cost of Ilya's adoption.  This will allow a family to adopt him, bring him home to a forever home and give him a chance at life.

Ilya is 4 years old and can crawl and sit, but still does not walk. One day, Ilya will be walking with his new Mom and Dad. Will it be you? The only medical complication that little Ilya has is a duplication of the left kidney (made in 2006) and a PDA (very very minor heart issue which likely resolved itself). 

If you want information about adopting Ilya or other children with special needs from Ukraine, please visit REECE'S RAINBOW on the web and see if God calls YOU to rescue one or more of these precious children.  Go there now...

To help with Ilya's grant fund, click on the chip-in below.  It's totally tax deductible...but more importantly, you're helping SAVE A LIFE.

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