Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One Month From Today…  

…we’ll be on the plane headed to Ukraine to meet these two new Malones!

olegfromkons-3 Gorev Misha72

It’s kind of like knowing when you’re going to the hospital for a new baby <<well…except for the pain and stuff!>>.  We are ready to a daddy and mommy again and we can barely believe that God is enabling us to do just that.  He has made a way.  Given us a promise and is bringing to fruition…through His power, not ours!

Our friends, Derek and Renee’ Loux are going to be bringing their three boys home at the end of this month.  Our friends, John & Tracie Loux are bringing their son home a couple of weeks before we do.  Our friends here in Oklahoma, Wayne and Meghan Dickinson are bringing home their son sometime this spring.  All of us blessed.  All of us on mission for God.  All of us on a journey.

Thank You, God for the opportunity, the provision, and for making the way.  We trust you and will follow you.

Please pray for the Malones, Loux's, Loux’s and Dickinsons:

  • For God’s continued guidance and hand of blessing
  • For God’s continued provision to meet the needs that we don’t even know about (there are always surprises)
  • For our families as we make the transition with all the new boys
  • For the health of all our boys and that we will all make wise decisions regarding their healthcare

Thank you for your continued prayers!

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