Friday, January 2, 2009

Leavin' on a jet plane, don't know when we'll be back again...  

GOLDEN RULE TRAVEL rules! Edlo at Golden Rule got us all set up on United/Lufthansa to go to Ukraine February 13. He found us tickets for $1000 each and the boys will cost $503 each to get home. We were very happy with that price! We had the option to wait til January 30 to buy them and the price might go down a little because of fuel charges, but I'm a bit too neurotic to wait that long. I'd rather have them purchased so we know we have seats!

So Monday's the day...he'll have it all ready for us to purchase then. We did have to give him the boys' names for their tickets so we handed them over. We'll unveil them online after they are officially until then you'll know them as Matthew and Misha. :-)

We are pretty much at the point of waiting to leave. The only details we are waiting on (which are big ones, I guess) are where we will stay in each of the regions. Derek and Renee Loux are going to try to help us with that when they go back to pick up their THREE boys in mid-January. We are very grateful for their help!!

So...if you're doing adoption travel, we wholeheartedly recommend Golden Rule Travel! Did I mention they RULE!!


Hey boys...WE LOVE YOU and are COMING FOR YOU!

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