Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pray for the Malones  

Answered Prayers...

  • God led us the boys to adopt.
  • God allowed Dante to be adopted and rescued (he'll be home to Kansas with Derek & Renee Loux January 25).
  • God has provided money through fund raisers, extra jobs and through His people. He has provided with abundance and extravagance.
  • He has provided a large 12-passenger van through the kindness of His people and through providential events.
  • All of our paperwork was approved on the first go round and was submitted before the adoption department of the government in the country we are adopting from closed for the the winter.
  • We were given an appointment date in the country we are adopting from.
  • Our travel will overlap with another couple we have met through Reece's Rainbow.
  • The officials at Romaniv (where Micah is) were more than willing to let us adopt him.  
  • Our paperwork has gone great and the snags were ironed out quickly.

Please make these issues a matter of prayer to God...
  • For our five kids we are leaving in America. Pray for their health that they would not be sick while we're gone.
  • Pray for "Nana." She'll be staying with them for the entire 5-6 weeks we are gone. Our hope is that their lives will be as normal as possible while we're gone.
  • Pray that the paperwork that needs to be done will be done in the SHORTEST possible time.
  • The Malones & Loux's have court Friday, March 6 at 2:00 & 3:00 p.m. respectively.  (That's 6 & 7 a.m. Oklahoma & Kansas time.)  PRAY THAT THE JUDGE WILL WAIVE THE 10 DAY WAITING PERIOD FOR BOTH OUR FAMILIES.
  • Pray for the Malones, Loux's & Dickinsons that satan will be bound and that we will be protected from all spiritual attack in any form.
  • Pray that the Spirit of God will work in everyone involved in our adoptions and that we will find favor with all officials and workers.
  • We are going to be before government officials, judges and others and it is our desire to represent JESUS. He is the reason we are even able to do this. Pray that we will have and take opportunity to share our testimony of Jesus.

What next?

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