Monday, August 3, 2009

The Long-Awaited, Often-Promised Pictures…  

  If you are on dial-up, this post will drive you to the brink!  Here’s some pictures from the summer and from various events in our lives.  We are doing so well and the family is like it’s always been this way (for the most part).  :-)

Picture 138Picture 136
Snickers, I said, “LOOK THROUGH THAT HOLE!!”

Picture 140
I have no idea…but probably spying on the neighbors.  CREEPY.


Picture 148

Picture 150

Picture 151

Picture 161 

Picture 164

Picture 170

Picture 179
What a big boy!

Picture 183

Picture 186
The new swing set has been a God-send this summer!!  THANK you to all our friends at FBC Moore who gave so generously to our family and made it possible to bless our children and our family!!

Picture 190

Picture 196
Micah, peeking through the little window.  :-)

Picture 199
Can this guy communicate without verbal language or what???

Picture 201
Bethany & Seth

Picture 207
Our “little” Seth is no longer little!

Picture 208
Yes, he loves ice cream.  He gets it VERY rarely though.  We don’t give the little guys sugar except on rare occasions.

Picture 209

Picture 210

Picture 214
Yep, Matthew likes it too.

Picture 212
Don’t let Eli’s face fool you.  He LOVES ice cream too!

Picture 216
Micah is a good self-feeder.  He’s a precious little guy.

Picture 220
Part of our young labor program.  Eli’s in charge of folding laundry.  :-)

Picture 223
Couldn’t resist posting this.  What is that face about??

Picture 227
Micah loves the water table.  Matthew tolerates it.  Eli runs at the first sign of splashing.

Picture 230
All I can say is… GROSS!!!

The much-anticipated pictures are finally here!

Picture 235
Yes, I am reading instructions.  Believe it or not, the kit came with a step by step instruction sheet with pictures.  Supposedly a monkey could do it.  Hey wait a minute!!…

 Picture 238 Picture 240
No, I’m not squeezing.  Okay…maybe a little bit.

Picture 241 Picture 242 Picture 244 Picture 245
He was so good.  The buzzing tickled him something fierce, but he did great!

Picture 246
This was Micah’s first haircut since coming home.  His hair coming in thicker and the bald spots around his scalp are all gone.  Guess he’s getting enough to eat now!  :-)  He’s up to 36 pounds.  (He was 31 when we first took him to the doctor after getting him home.  I reported 30 previously but was in error)

Picture 249
Eli wasn’t so excited about getting a cut.  I decided to brave the bowl haircut for him.  Let’s just leave it at that.  :-)  But hey, I didn’t have to take him to supercuts to get it fixed!

Picture 252 Picture 254 Picture 260 Picture 262
Finished.  Everyone breathes a sigh of relief!

Picture 264
Matthew was a GIGGLE BOX while I was giving him his cut.

Picture 265 Picture 270 Picture 276 Picture 288
Seth decided he wanted to lose the bowl cut that he has his whole life.  If was VERY DIFFICULT for me to cut those locks off.  Mary was very shocked when she saw the finished product.  Our little boy is turning into a young man.  YES, I know he’s still only seven!  But he’s growing up so fast!

Picture 294

Picture 297
He wanted the spike look like dad has.  He’s a special boy.

Picture 001
Micah likes this helmet.  He wears it backwards, of course, but he likes it just the same.

 Picture 002
Thanks to a neighbor who works at the Oklahoma Science Museum, we got to spend the day there.  I took the 4 oldest.  We had a wonderful time together.  I was so glad to be able to treat them to the day out.  They have really stepped up to bat since the new guys came home.

Picture 006 Picture 045 Picture 046 Picture 047 Picture 054
Bethany inside the tornado chamber.

Picture 057
Blake…15 already.

Picture 060
Hannah, one of our beautiful girls, turns 14 on August 3.  It seems like yesterday these two were just wee tots.

Picture 070
Yep…I brought a picnic for lunch.  We enjoyed it.  And considering lunch would have cost over $50, I REALLY enjoyed it too!

Picture 080
On a massive swing in the front yard of some friends of ours.

Picture 082 Picture 083
Micah colored for almost 2 minutes this time.  That’s good for him.  Then he played with playdoh (sorry, no pics) for about 30 minutes.  We were surprised and he actually PLAYED with it.

Picture 086
Today (August 3) was haircut day again.  Spike number one.

Picture 088
Spike number two.  Bowl cut gone.

Picture 089 Picture 090
And you guessed it…  Spike number three.

Picture 091 Picture 093 Picture 096
I had to post this.  Matthew makes this face every now and then.  I have to wonder whats going through his head!!

Picture 097
Eli is only 6 months younger than Micah, but he really treats him like a big brother in his own way.  It’s rather cute, really.

Picture 098
This was just before Matthew began pushing to get out of the corner of the couch.  They kept getting closer and closer.

Picture 099
Eli was all smiles tonight.  Had to keep snapping!

Picture 101
Eli and Seth.

Picture 106 Picture 107 Picture 108
Blake was gone to band tonight.  The girls all gone to JCPenney’s for Hannah to use some birthday money to get some clothes.

Picture 109
Seth wanted me to take pictures of him in the backyard.  I let him choose the “poses.”

Picture 112 Picture 113 Picture 116 Picture 118

Well, thanks again for being interested in our lives.  God is good all the time!

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

What next?

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6 comments: to “ The Long-Awaited, Often-Promised Pictures…

  • Christie Thien
    August 3, 2009 at 8:42 PM  

    I just smiled through all the pictures! What a beautiful family! I can't wait to meet the 2 youngest.

  • soontobemomof9
    August 3, 2009 at 8:46 PM  

    Wow! Yep, glad I dont' have dial up! LOL

    Great pics. The boys look great, and so happy!

    LOVE the dog ones, .... had a good laugh!

  • Ellen
    August 4, 2009 at 12:18 PM  

    Thanks! I know it took a long time to post everything. What a blessing your children are. Is Eli available to come fold my laundry? :)


  • Tiffany
    August 5, 2009 at 4:32 AM  

    CHris , thank you so much for sharing the photos. I had not seen your kids in a while . They are all precious and so cute! The little guys just love each other , you can tell! Wow, that Seth is so handsome , just like big bro Blake. I finally was able to get a wireless connection ! Yea!

  • Meredith
    August 6, 2009 at 9:39 PM  

    BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much for sharing pictures! The boys all look SO GREAT :) Been a busy week here, can't believe I didn't see this for a few days. Love the hair cuts :)

  • Tiffany
    August 11, 2009 at 3:16 AM  

    I have looked at your pictures several times, they warm my heart. Hey , your not a bad barber either! I am sure that saves $ with all those heads of hair! It sure seems Eli has really opened up with those bros. He's so smiley! Thank you for taking the time to send. I know now (since I am doing it) that it takes time . Miss you guys, miss choir, miss church. Sweet Beth asked to be my prayer partner , I was so thrilled . Just to stay connected you know.