Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quick Update  

We got Eli's blood results yesterday and they are GREAT!  That's good news.  It still doesn't explain his lethargy, etc so we are going to take him to an endocrinologist because we don't know what else to do.  We don't want something to slip by us that could prove to be more of a problem later!

Matthew started therapy yesterday and did very well they said!

Micah spit and hit all day at school.  They didn't call us for some reason.  Ugh.  The IEP is supposed to be revised this week to include spraying his mouth with vinegar when he spits.  That works like a charm at church!  (In fact, it was suggested to us by another aide at his school.).

So I'll update more later.  I think we might be able to arrange a few pictures too!

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

What next?

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