Friday, August 14, 2009

"He's not the worst we've seen..."  

School started Thursday. It's kind of a crazy schedule to get them all to and from school. I leave with Blake and Hannah at about 7:40. Drop Hannah off at 7:45 at the Junior High, then drop Blake off at 7:50 at the High School, then it's off to work (with a jiggedy jig).

Then, at about 8:40, Mary leaves to take the rest. Bethany & Seth get dropped off at 8:45 at the elementary school.

Then, it's off to take Eli & Matthew to the special school they go to. They start "around" 9:00.

So from 9:00 until 11:15 (when Mary picks up Matthew & Eli), Micah has the house and the mama all to himself. He enjoyed this on the first day. He does love attention (personal, one on one attention).

Mary picks up Matthew & Eli and it's off to home to make lunch for the three crumb crunchers and then Micah goes to school at 12:45. Of course, the two little guys who are at home at this point are the ones who will NOT take a nap. So they go to their bed for rest time.

Hannah get's picked up around 2:30 and Micah after that. (Off to rest for Micah when he gets home). Blake gets out around 3:00 then the other two at about 3:20.

Deep breath.

Obviously, Micah is VERY PROUD of himself for going to school with his backpack!

The older kids all had good first days of school. They like all their teachers (they always do) and are excited for the new beginning. Blake and Hannah especially are excited to see how God will give them opportunities to bear witness to Christ Jesus this year.

There is always a dark cloud looming over the first day of school, though. You see, the elementary schools put out their supply lists about 6 weeks before schools starts. This allows us to purchase supplies whenever we want and avoid the crowds and the frustration of having things be out of stock. BUT, the upper grades do not. I guess it would be difficult to provide the lists early because of the many variables with schedule, but maybe some day they can fix it. :-)
The DARK CLOUD comes when it's time for me to go to Walmart and buy the supplies for the junior & high school classes. I walked into Walmart last night at 6:00 and instantly felt a tremor in the force. I knew I was in trouble when I heard the rumble coming from the school supplies section as I got close.

Forget about getting the basket down the aisles. I could barely squeeze in myself. And as long as I'm talking about it, WHY does Walmart have SOME supplies in one section at the front of the store and OTHER supplies in a totally different section in the BACK CORNER of the store? What is that about??? So you don't find it one place, go all the way to the other (after surrendering your spot in the aisle in location one) and figure out that it's not there so it MUST be back in the other section. Hrmphhhh. But it's done. Oh, except for the THREE TEACHERS who didn't give out their supplies lists and will give them out within the next few days. WHY??? The supply lists are the same every year for the most part. Why make parents go through the tragic experience of purchasing supplies more than once. Oh...I know why. It creates endurancea and perseverence because I can guarantee you that when I go back to purchase the additional supplies, some if not all will be SOLD OUT and I'll end up going to Office Depot and paying at least twice the price! That's why.

Okay...venting over... :-)

On to the three crumb crunchers. Eli and Matthew did well, as expected. When Mary went to pick up Micah, the teacher (Miss Sam) said "Well, he's not the worst we've ever seen..." Okay. So, at least he's not on the top of the "bad boy" list. :-) He did spit a couple of times and tried to hit her when she was making him do something he didn't want to do. But she was firm with him and he submitted, if a bit unwillingly. On the bright side, she was very shocked at his level of learning. She signs everything she says and he picked right up on the new signs he was seeing. He even signed to her "more music please". He knows "more" and "please" and uses them correctly. But he learned the new sign for music AND integrated into the signs he already knew in a correct manner. His motor skills, according to Miss Sam, are also very good, all things considered. He'll probably be our "mainstream" child if we have one. But Matthew and Eli could definitley surprise us.

All in all...a great first day!

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

What next?

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