Monday, August 17, 2009

Here's some video clips of the kids today. Eli is only in one clip. He wouldn't do any tricks. :-) He's actually really tired today for some reason so was in NO mood to have a camera in his face.

I picked Micah up from school today. That he was happy to see me, is an understatement. He saw me and just started jabbering. He jabbered all the way home (and there was about 15 minutes in there we were waiting in line at Seth's school to pick him up). His teacher just went on and on at how well he is doing. She said he picks up signs with 1 showing and then he uses them later. She taught him the sign for cookie (hmmm...I guess we didn't tell her we don't give them sugar) and after snack time was over he went to her and signed "cookie please." It is very encouraging that he can logically put words together in order to communicate.

I asked if he spit today. She said, well, he's doing better...he only spit on me once today. Ugh. She said she told him it made her very sad and he wiped it off. I guess that's good. Hmmm. Well, Jesus knows about it and can take this habit away.

Week two is under way and it's going well.

Things at work will be exceedingly busy this week. We are implementing a new member management software package and there's LOTS to do with that. Unfortunately, I worked most of today (my day off). But that's the way it is sometimes. :-)

There is a plethora of things I have to accomplish tomorrow before 5:00. Thankfully, I did manage to work in a little over an hour at the gym. Guess I'll have to go at lunch time tomorrow. Unless I get up EARLY in the morning. Not likely. Ha.

What next?

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