Thursday, July 30, 2009

The delight of a son  

This morning, we were all a bit late getting around.  I didn't leave the house until 8:20 and I'm supposed to be at the office at 8:30 (of course, I'm usually there at 6:45 or 7:00 so a day here or there that I'm past 8:30 is not a big deal) so I was kind of hurrying myself out the door.  I met all three little guys in the upstairs hall and Micah was so happy to see me.  He pointed at his VERY PUCKERED lips and made his kissing sound (which is really more of a smacking sound...but hey, he only learned what a kiss is a few months ago) so I gave him a kiss and he gave me a big hug with a big smile and he whispers "papa, papa" when he does it.  Wow.  Melts my heart.  Matthew came to me and I held him and he didn't really want to go back to Mary at that moment so I held him a little longer.  He leaned in for me to kiss his head (he doesn't have the kissing thing down yet, but he likes the tenderness).  I bent down to Eli, who is mostly in Eli-land but lets us in every now and then, and he gave me his huge smile that lights up the room and he came close enough for a kiss (his version of a kiss is to stick his tongue out and mouth open so when you get close enough to kiss him, he licks you (he likes textures...)  so what can I say about that?  Hee hee.

Anyway, we were downstairs and I was walking out of the dining room where they were all awaiting their breakfast.  I kissed everyone bye and when Micah realized I was leaving, he dropped his baby and barney and stood there with his arms outstretched and whispering "papa, papa" with a huge smile on his face (alternating with the puckered smacking kiss sound).

What a beautiful picture of what my relationship with my adoptive Father should be.  Why don't I drop everything and hold my arms open wide for Him more often?  LIke all the time?  Thank you Micah for the lesson and thank You Father for the lesson in love this morning.  I love You more than my heart can put in words.  You are my All in All and my Rescuer. 

Ephesians 1:4-6
"For he chose us in Him, before the foundation of the world, to be holy and blameless in His sight.  Im love He predestined us to be adopted through Jesus Christ for Himself according to His favor and will, to the praise of His glorious grace that He favored us with in the Beloved."

Blessed Be the Name of the Lord.

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