Friday, December 4, 2009


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This was the day before we left to come back to America (after being in Ukraine for almost 6 weeks).  Matthew hasn’t really changed that much in appearance (surprisingly).  He’s grown taller and has a more healthy look about him, but his features haven’t changed at all.  Micah has changed a lot physically.  His undernourished distended belly is normal now.  The veins in his head are hardly noticeable and he has turned from a scared, skittish  boy into a happy and confident-in-our-love boy.  His deprived-skinniness has been replaced with normal body tone.  He’s grown in height too.  Both boys have outgrown their clothes that swallowed them when we got them.  The pajamas we brought them in Ukraine will barely button now.  But we still put them on them because it’s a reminder of what was and what is now.

They’ve been home for over 8 months now.  Most of the time, it seems like eons ago that we were nervously waiting to meet them for the first time.  As hard as it was being away from our kids while we were there in Ukraine, it was such a sweet time with each other and with the Lord.  We saw literal miracles happening before our eyes and the blessings of God were being heaped on us to the point where we were actually weary of being so “high” all the time.  We learned truly what it meant to be overwhelmed by God.  I, personally, miss that feeling of God being right there.  I know that He is always right there, but my relationship with Him was much stronger during those days because He was LITERALLY ALL WE HAD to depend on.  Everything else was uncertain and changing as often as minute by minute.  He was the only constant in our lives.  I want that back.  I know that it’s my fault that it’s different.  There is so much that distracts me in this life.  I’m so busy at work, there is always something someone needs from me and I have little time to just rest in His arms.  I MUST take more time for that.  I have gotten pretty good at saying NO to people to protect myself from total burnout, but whatever time I have gained, has been sucked up by something else.  But God is right there.  I’m so grateful.  A dear friend sent me this verse on Tuesday (although I didn’t see it til today—which is when I needed it the most—I was sitting in the doctor’s office waiting on test results to find out what was wrong with me this time—more on that later)… Be encouraged! The One who loves you the most and sees all your good deeds done for His Glory, lives within you giving you access to the power, the same power that raised Him from the dead.  (Thanks Sally!)

All the kids are well finally.  I was well on my way to being over pneumonia and feeling quite good.  Then, last Friday, I crashed and burned.  By Sunday I was feeling worse than I had with pneumonia.  This is the busiest two weeks of my life (getting ready for Celebrate the Light (our Christmas program at church)) and each day I felt worse and worse.  Today I went to the doc and he did tests and found that while the pneumonia was nearly gone from lungs, I now have the flu (regular, not H1N1).  He also said that my blood work showed that my body was actively trying to fight allergies.  So I’m on Tamiflu and a steroid pack (to stop the allergy problem).  Supposedly, I will feel great tomorrow.  We’ll see…  :-)  But regardless, God is on His throne!  For that I am grateful!

We had such a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving with the boys for the first time.  Everything was new and it’s wonderful to experience things with them for the first time.  We got our tree up last night (finally) and Micah woke up this morning and went crazy over it.  Every time we turn on the lights, he claps!  What a joy.  Matthew hasn’t torn it down…yet.  He’s a destroyer.  I’m just saying…

Sorry we aren’t doing so well keeping up with posting…  life is so busy.  Eli Project continues to move forward and God is going to do great things (more great things, I should say).

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

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