Friday, December 18, 2009

Great time with friends…  

We had a great time with great friends tonight.  We had pizza (the kids), turkey chili (YUM), all kinds of side things and a VERY TASTY berry dessert.  I think it was called “Berries in the Snow.”  So good!

The kids had a wonderful time…because our friends planned it with them in mind so they felt very special…which made us feel very special.  Our kids are our life.  Literally…our lives totally revolve around our kids (and each other of course).  If we could be all by ourselves in a mountain retreat, just us, we’d be happy.  So when others think about our kids and make them feel special, it is such a ministry to our hearts.

Our friends also blessed our family with a financial gift that we couldn’t have imagined.  They gave our kids some money so they could have an opportunity to just buy something they wanted and they blessed Mary and me.  They said that several months ago, God laid it on their hearts to give us a monetary gift for Christmas and they prayed separately to hear from the Lord how much.  They came together and He had told them the same amount.  I don’t know how they were able to do it, but wow.  It blessed our socks off.  This has been the HARDEST WEEK OF OUR LIVES, really.  Today, we were really questioning whether we could take one more thing and were so weary from attacks from right and left.  I was really questioning even whether I had what it took to follow God.

I felt God impressing me to listen to the Michael W Smith song, “Help is on the Way.”  I listened to it and reached out to God once again.  Tonight, when our friends gave us the gift, it was like God wrapped a warm blanket around us and drew us into His lap.  I was speechless and just really wanted to weep.  God is good.

TO OUR SPECIAL FRIENDS>>>  Thank you for tonight.  It was a wonderful evening and your love for us an AMAZING BLESSING to us.  There are not words to express our gratitude to you.  Love you.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

PS>>>we hope to send our i600a on January 5.  Hopefully we’ll have our homestudy back by then.

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