Sunday, November 30, 2008

Where we are now...  

Right now we are waiting...

We received word from our facilitator in Eastern Europe late Monday night (November 24) that our dossier had been submitted despite the fight to submit.  It was also the deadline to submit dossiers for adoptions of young and "normal," healthy children.  Since we are adopting older (5 years old) and broken children (Down syndrome), our facilitator made it clear that it was God's hand that allowed this to happen.  We are so happy that God allowed us to beat the deadline.  

We have communicated that we are willing to travel with little notice so we don't know what to expect.  Our hope and desire is to go and get the kids as soon as possible.  We don't know what God's plan is or what His timing will hold, but we have a belief that it will be sooner, rather than later.  He has moved everything along so fast and without problem that we can't help but believe that it will be soon.   We may be totally wrong, but that's the impression we have.  We are watching and waiting.  

While we are waiting, we will worship.  While we are waiting, we will trust Him.  While we are waiting, we will continue to chase after Him.

We thank you for your prayers.  

Our daughter Hannah has been knitting like a mad women!  She is creating hats and scarves and selling them to help with fundraising.  In the next couple of days, we'll have an online shop where you can see the items and order your own custom knitted hat or scarf...infants to adults.  She does great work and it's amazing that she has stepped up and is filling her free time to make the adoption a reality.  We'll post a link to the store when it's set up.

John & Tracie Loux were submitted the same day we were and they are in the waiting process too.  Pray for them as they continue to fundraise and as they wait on the Lord.   You can visit their blog at .  They have some great fundraisers going that you'll want to check out!

Until later...peace and grace.

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