Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I171 Ready...Thank you Congressman Tom Cole!!!  

Yesterday, a wonderful suggestion was made through a comment on our blog from a reader.  They had called their congressman when they couldn't get a response from USCIS.  I thought, "What have we got to lose?  The worst they could do it laugh and tell me to be patient!"

So I called Representative Tom Cole's office in D.C. and they said that of course they would help us and gave me another number to call.  I called the regional office and they contacted USCIS.  Within 30 minutes, I had heard back from Rep. Cole's office and we had been approved and they were to process the paperwork immediately.  Within a couple of minutes after that, we got an email from USCIS telling us basically the same thing.  WOW!

Well...they didn't mail the document out yesterday as promised so all night I tossed and turned and worried and so on...  But good actually came out of it (don't you love it when God does stuff like that?).  Since they hadn't mailed it, it enabled me to go pick it up this morning at 8:00 a.m. and get it notarized, apostilled and shipped via UPS before 10:30 this morning!  If they had mailed it yesterday afternoon, even with my next day envelope, we wouldn't have had it in our hands til this afternoon, then I would have had the 2 hours of work still to do with it and get it mailed before 6 p.m.  So for all my worrying...God had a much better plan in the works. Hmmmm....so what should I worry about now that it's mailed?  Well...it needs to get to Ukraine in time to be submitted!  But I'll leave that up to God.  It's His deal anyway.  He loves Jonathan & Matthew so much more than we do.  He created them, He sings them to sleep, I suspect He's even held them.  Way more than we've been able to do yet.

What next?

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