Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Tube...  

Don't think I remembered to post this last week...

Last week, we found out that we were to take out Eli's G-Tube ourselves on Monday night.  "It's easy," says the doc.

So I wondered if I could find somewhere else to be (I don't do well with open cavities in the body, or blood, or stuff squirting out of holes in people's stomachs (okay so I've never been around anyone with stuff squirting out of holes in their stomachs...but I wouldn't do well with it, I'm sure).

Well, I decided that was silly to leave it to Mary, so we both went to Walmart and made our 2 oldest kids do it while we were gone.  Just kidding.  :-)

I pulled the liquid out of the balloon that holds it in his stomach and gave a tiny tug and out it came (along with what was left of dinner 2 hours before...  uh...gross.

We bandaged it and I noticed last night when I gave the 3 little crumb crunchers their baths that it was closed.  Praise God for that because he has a history of being a slow healer.

So he's officially TUBE FREE!  Yes!  I still question the logic of putting it in, but if we hadn't done it and he had aspirated and gotten real sick again, we'd have regretted the decision. So, it's over now...for now.

On to the surgery center in the next several weeks for all three little punkin heads for various procedures.  Time to start doing tile work again on the side so I can pay for all this.  Thankful for insurance though!  If we didn't have it, instead of several thousand dollars, it would be ten's of thousands...  So thank You, God for our insurance!

What next?

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1 comments: to “ The Tube...

  • Jennifer
    May 18, 2009 at 3:56 PM  

    Okay so I am not trying to dampen the spirit of tubelessness and healing-but don't forget it has to heal up on the inside too...Nicholas was same way and did not heal up completely and had to have surgery to suture pray for healing on the inside!!!