Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another neat thing...  

We've been making Micah wait to eat until we have prayed before meals.  This morning, I put his plate down in front of him.  He was the only one at the table and ready to eat.  I was making pancakes so I was just letting them come in as they were ready.  So I put his down and he sat there.  I thought maybe he was just tired and not ready to eat (which would be out of character for him).  I continued making pancakes and I looked up at him a couple of minutes later and he gave his little head nod and grunt and folded his hands and bowed his head and motioned for me to come over.  He wanted me to say the prayer so he could eat.  WOW!!

Tonight...  Matthew, the kid who is deeply, mentally delayed (as stated by the head doctor of the Novograd orphanage) lost a shoe at dinner (which is normal...the funny thing is that Eli loses a shoe when he eats too...WEIRD).  But I digress... :-)  When he lost it I just picked it up and tossed it in the shoe basket in the office/sleeping room.  I cleaned him up and got him out of the high chair and sat him in the floor so I could clean up Eli.  About five minutes later I walked by the office (where their beds are) and saw him playing in the big shoe basket we have for all the three little guys' shoes.  I walked by a couple of minutes later again again and the little guy had been looking for his other shoe and FOUND IT!  All their shoes are about the same color (navy blue) and he had found his match out of the 5 or 6 other pairs of shoes in the basket.   Not only had he found his match and was putting it on his foot, but he had picked up the other shoes and put them back in the basket!!  Wow.  Maybe not a big thing to ya'll but huge to us.  It really proves HE'S IN THERE!  Praise God.

It seems impossible to believe that we've been home three weeks.  And yet, in another way it seems impossible that three weeks ago, we were in Ukraine and had been there for 6 weeks.  God has certainly done great things in these three weeks.  We're all madly in love with the newest Malones.   It's AMAZING what God has done.  If we had conceived and delivered them, we couldn't possibly love them more.  It's like they've always been part of us.  God is so awesome!

Blessed Be the Name of the Lord...

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