Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Psalm 139  

There's nothing in me, My Lord

that doesn't open to your eyes
You know me when I sit

You note when I arise
in the darkest closet of my thought
there is an open window of sunshine for You

You walk with me
lie down with me
at every move await me

at every pause
You know the words
my tongue will print in air

if I say yes
You have already nodded
no--and You have shaken Your head

in any doubts I lose my way
I find Your hand
on me

Such knowledge so high
I can never reach with a mind
or hold any longer than a breath

to get away from you
I could let my imagination fly
but You would hold it in Your sky

or I could sleep with the dead in the ground
but Your fire from the depths
would awaken me

I could fly on gold ray of sun
from dawn in east
west to stars of night

and Your hand 
would point the way
and Your right hand hold me steady

however close I pull the night around me
even at midnight
day strips me naked

in You tender sight
black and white
are one--all light

You who put me together
piece by piece in the womb
from light

that work shines
through the form of my skeleton
on my song of words

You watched as my back steadied
the still-soft fuselage of ribs
in primitive studio deep within

You saw me as putty
a life unfashioned
a plane at the bottom of the sea

and the great book of its life
this embryo will write
in a body You have sculpted

My Lord--Your thoughts
high and precious
beyond logic like stars

or like grains of sand I try to count
I fall asleep and awake
on the beach of Your making

My Lord--stop the breath
of men who live by blood
alone and lie to Your face

who think they can hide
behind the same petty smile
they use to smear Your name

My Lord--You hear me hate
back Your haters
with total energy

in one body
that is yours and mine

My Lord--look at me
to see my heart
test me--to find my mind

if any bitterness lives here
lead me out
into the selfless open.


As we prepare to leave for the airport in less than 48 hours, the enormity of what is about to happen in our lives overwhelms me.  The path that God has prepared for us--has walked before us--may not be easy, may be uncomfortable, may be frustrating...but it will be GLORIOUS to watch His hand and to follow His Way.

We are trusting Him to do the work.  We are asking Him to make it as short a process as possible.  We are asking Him to cause there to be NO ISSUE with adopting Misha.  We are praying that He will deliver both boys (Matthew and Misha) into our arms with no difficulty.  We are asking Him to waive the 10 day waiting period and to cause all the paperwork to work together seamlessly without gaps.  He is able.  He is sovereign.  We depend on Him and cry out to Him to move.

Thank you all for your support and your prayers.  We've been too busy to blog these last few days, but as I have time to sit and put our thoughts and scriptures down, I'll post them over the next several weeks.  We'll keep you as posted as possible (as internet access allows).  We'll share as many pictures and videos as possible.

What next?

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