Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our little man. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.  

February 18, 2009


Here’s our little Matthew Isaiah Malone.

Matthew means:  “gift of the Lord”
Isaiah means:  “salvation of God”  “the Lord helps me”

Both names are of Hebrew origin.


So yesterday’s news will continue at the end of this post…

We got to Novograd-Valinski at about 11:00 p.m. last night on the train.  Andre and Valentine met us and got us to our apartment.  Andre is a local pastor, a former drug addict and has an amazing passion for Jesus Christ.   What a blessing to our lives already.  Valentine is going to be driving us.  Very reasonable rate.  They both said it is an honor to serve fellow servants of the Lord.  I want to cry as I write this because it is such a humbling thing.  Here are these young guys who have nothing.  And here we are…compared to them we have everything and more.  Excess even.  And they are wanting to serve us.  Words can’t come to my mind to express my thankfulness to them and gratefulness to God.  Slava Bohu (Praise God).

Okay…so we got the apartment and it’s quite lovely actually.  It’s just been remodeled and is very nice.  It has a water boiler so we will have hot water.  YES!  We have not had any towels so no bath yet.  Usually you just have a shower, but God knows how I like my hot baths!  So he gave us a big tub.

So we slept all night, which was nice. 

This morning, we went to the Inspector’s office at 8:30 a.m.


Her name is Ludmilla.  She was very nice.  At first, she was ALL BUSINESS and we honestly thought she was going to say no.  You can’t adopt him.  But, you always have to keep in mind that you can’t read Ukrainians easily, probably because we can’t understand the language.

Finally she said that she was happy that we were willing to adopt children with Down syndrome.  What a relief.  As we were telling her about Eli, she signed the papers and put the seal on it.

We then went to the baby home (after piling into the Ford escort). :-)

We got there to the office and the chief medical doctor recounted what we already knew about him (that he has Down syndrome).  She also told us he has an Open Window in his heart but it’s closing.  (We’ll get that checked out, of course.)  They also said he was deeply mentally delayed.  All he was interested in is food, supposedly.  There was more, but that’s enough about that for now.  We honestly were expecting a despondent, scrawny little guy.

George (our facilitator) at one point said, the order has been given to bring the child. 

We talked a little more and then…


In he walked.  It’s out of focus, because the door swung open and there he was so I just swung the camera and snapped.  I really had thought that I would melt into the floor in tears when I saw him.  But it happened so fast and unexpectedly that I think I went into some emotion I’ve never experienced.  It was VERY similar to seeing our other 5 kids right after they were born.  Joy, elation, surprised at love at first sight, happiness, fear of the future, afraid to let him out of my sight.  There were tears in my eyes, of course, but I was not the blubbering idiot that I had feared. 

Mary’s first thoughts when she saw him…
The meaning of Matthew’s name: “gift from God” kept rushing through her mind.  What a precious gift.  She was surprised how tall he was.  Surprised that he was on his feet walking (even though he needed help).

I wish we could describe all we felt.  But that’s impossible. I hope the feeling stays in our memories forever.

Here’s the deal…
He immediately began examining everything in the room.  Trying to touch everything he could.  He touched us, but wouldn’t look at us, because he was too busy checking literally everything and everyone out.  He was taking it in.  From the bald spot on the back of his head, we’d say that he lays in his bed all the time.  The kids who show a spark of self-start get the attention for sure.  He was written off a long time ago as deeply mentally delayed.

I think I held him first because I was closest to door, but quickly handed him off to Mary.  After a few minutes he stretched over and gave me a long, hard hug around the neck.  I was breathless.  That’s when the tears started to come.  But thankfully, I never did the ugly cry.  :-)

We played peek-a-boo, some clapping games, handed him stuff and let him throw it (he just laughed and laughed after throwing something.  It was VERY cute!!)  But we’ll put a stop to that throwing stuff (in a few years :-)  ).  It was so precious.  He was so pleased with himself to throw it. 

He is not deeply mentally delayed.  He speaks some, is almost walking, USES A SPOON TO FEED HIMSELF food, SOUP, and whatever else they feed him.  Come on…Eli won’t even use a spoon. (YET).  All that to say, he is full of potential and will thrive quickly.

We had to leave him in about 30 minutes.  We’ll go see him again today at 4:30 until 6:00 this evening.  We can’t wait to get him alone in the play room.  We’ll post pics/videos later (maybe tomorrow).

Now, we are sitting in a pizzeria.  We finally met John & Tracy (and Emma and Aiden).  We shared a few stories, a few laughs and they taught us how to use the internet cards.  We had a great time fellowshipping and sharing the prayer needs we have.

We heard last night from the Dickinson family that they got their appointment date.  It’s March 3.  They still have a lot of financial need to make it happen.  So pray for them.

Prayer needs today:

  • There is a paper work problem with Matthew’s documents.  There is information missing about the father.  The director is trying to track down what we need, but the documents were “stolen” from the file, whatever that means.  God knows all about this.  Please pray for a QUICK resolution.  If they don’t find the papers, we can’t bring Matthew home.  I don’t want to think about that.
  • We go to Romaniv tomorrow to meet Misha (his name to be announced tomorrow or Thursday).  Pray for favor with officials.  And that they will allow us to adopt him.  We’ll be the first there.
  • Pray that the paperwork for Misha can go QUICKLY so we can get the court date QUICKLY.
  • Pray for John and Tracie.  They are more than 2 weeks behind in the process and may not get a court date til the first week of March.  It’s a paperwork problem from SDA.  Their experience will make it easier for all the rest of us, but that doesn’t make it any easier for them.  Pray for them to get the rest of the papers QUICKLY and a QUICK court date.
  • Apparently, it’s not a good idea to request the 10 day period be waived so none of our people will be asking for it.  BUT now I’m asking you to pray that the judge will just do it on his own.
  • Pray for the Dickinson family.  They have SO MUCH to do before they can leave and still need quite a lot of money.  God can handle it.  Pray for peace for them and provision from God.

Here’s the rest of the pictures today.  I can’t blessed the Name of the Lord enough.  Praise Him!!!!!!!!!

DSCF2074 DSCF2028 DSCF2031 DSCF2032 DSCF2033 DSCF2034 DSCF2035 DSCF2036 DSCF2038 DSCF2039 DSCF2041 DSCF2042 DSCF2043 DSCF2044 DSCF2045 DSCF2046 DSCF2047 DSCF2048 DSCF2049 DSCF2050 DSCF2051 DSCF2052 DSCF2053 DSCF2054 DSCF2055 DSCF2056 DSCF2057 DSCF2058 DSCF2059 DSCF2060 DSCF2061 DSCF2062 DSCF2063 DSCF2064 DSCF2065 DSCF2066 DSCF2067 DSCF2068 DSCF2070 DSCF2070_face0

This is right after he through a book to the ground.  He was so pleased.  He would just laugh out loud with his whole body! (the scabs are leftovers from chicken pox)

DSCF2071 DSCF2072

I don’t offer commentary on the pics.  They are self explanatory.  He’s beautiful.  He’s our dream and more.  We can’t wait to take him home.

Thanks for praying.  Be blessed.

Proverbs 18.  Psalm 139.  Romans 12.

What next?

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13 comments: to “ Our little man. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

  • Blake M.
    February 18, 2009 at 7:00 AM  

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAY!!!!!!!!!! Our little bro is so cute!!!!:D

  • Meredith
    February 18, 2009 at 7:14 AM  

    Blessed and very much so :) Praying for your paperwork. Satan's awful mad that all these ministry families are reaching out in Novograd and bringing the news of WORTH to the people there about our kids along with the FAITH that speaks beyond language barriers.

    Holler if you need anything!

  • thedickinsonfamily
    February 18, 2009 at 7:37 AM  

    WOW, I'm speechless, I know hard to believe. :) He is absolutley precious and adorable. You had me in tears when you described the first sight of your new son. His name is perfect. What a wonderful testimony to others. He IS wonderfully and beautifully made. Thanks for sharing such an intimate part of your life with each of us. I was reminded of Eli's birth as I read this. What a glorious day that was. It won't be long before we celebrate his 5th birthday, hard to believe. I thank God for Down Syndrome. You and your family (Eli) have blessed us so very much. All these little children WILL be rescued and brought to loving families because God used Eli to inspire us. Praise God!

  • sturpin
    February 18, 2009 at 8:10 AM  

    Chris and Mary- I am so excited for y'all. What a wonderful day to meet your son. My heart is crying and happy. Wonderful!!

  • Malones
    February 18, 2009 at 8:42 AM  

    Chris and Mary...The song that comes to mind right now is "How Great is Our God." We are rejoicing with you at the meeting of your beautiful son, Matthew. He has a wonderful smile. He'll fit right in with the rest of your family. We are so thankful for the goodness God has bestowed on you guys thus far. We pray that He will continue to light the way for you as you meet Misha and that He will take care of every aspect set before you. We're expecting God to go far beyond your expectations!!! :)
    Love you guys,
    Ron, Deanna, Jacey & Carly

  • thedickinsonfamily
    February 18, 2009 at 9:15 AM  

    WOW!He is soooooo cute I can't wait to see him and hold him!He looks like he is doing good!I can't believe this moment is finally here!
    Blessed be the name of the Lord
    forever and ever, Amen!
    Your bestie in Christ,

  • Kenneth
    February 18, 2009 at 11:12 AM  

    We will be praying that the paperwork will be found. Also,that God will have His hand in everything else that is needed.
    Your son looks beautiful. Kind of see a resemblance to his parents.
    Can't wait to see your other son.

  • Amy
    February 18, 2009 at 12:17 PM  

    I'm crying HAPPY tears!! He is adorable! Thank you for sharing so many pictures. Matthew is just wonderful isn't he?!!:)

  • Malones
    February 18, 2009 at 12:40 PM  

    Wow I am speechless, it is finally real.If I am crying, I can't imagine how you both must feel. what a showing of God's love for all of us.He looks like such a happy little guy.We will pray for the "lost' papetr work. God knows whertre it is. We love you guys.Betty and Don

  • marji
    February 18, 2009 at 12:47 PM  

    Oh Guys! He is so wonderful!!! He looks suprisingly healthy! I love the tongue!!!! Bring them home. Can't wait to love them!

  • Chris and Mary Malone
    February 18, 2009 at 1:07 PM  

    Hey gang...thanks for your comments. They are precious to us as ALWAYS. It's such a blessing to read them. We feel lonely for home and you keep us attached! Thank you.

  • Ron
    February 18, 2009 at 9:40 PM  

    My heart is touched deeply!! thank you for letting us be a part of your family and sharing the beautiful pictures of Matthew. We continue to lift your family up in prayer.

    Blessings My Friend,

  • Teri
    February 18, 2009 at 11:24 PM  

    I agree with Blake he is so Cute. He does look very healthy. Can't wait to see him her at church. You are my prayers everyday.

    God Bless