Monday, December 8, 2008

Thankfulness and Sorrow Meet...  

NOTE:  Before you read this post, please take note that all the families mentioned in this post have communicated with each other and we are ALL after the same thing...the perfect plan and will of our loving Father.

About a week ago, some new friends of our got news that one of the three boys they hoped to adopt in E. Europe had been adopted by a couple from another country.  The gut wrenching feeling that I had for the next couple of days because of the sorrow I knew they would be feeling is hard to describe.   They were trying to get ready to leave the country and grieving over the loss of the son they hoped to adopt.  

Mary and I talked about it a lot and began to get the nagging feeling that perhaps one or both of our boys may be moved from the orphanage before we had a chance to get there to get them.  We began making inquiries to find out what we could, all the while trusting God to carry us to His plan.

The couple made it to their destination and had their meeting with the court and at that time found out that another of the boys that they wanted to adopt had been moved out of the orphanage along with another 40 or so children.  While he was still adoptable from the place he had been sent, it would not be possible to adopt from both orphanages during the same trip/process so they made the choice to adopt the 1 remaining child and to accept 2 blind referrals.  Of course, they wondered how they would choose, until they were presented with the referrals.  There were only 2 other boys in the group to choose from, so that made it pretty easy.

As I was reading the update on their blog late afternoon yesterday, I was so excited that they had met all three of the boys the were to adopt and that they had gotten confirmation from the Lord that these were the ones for their family.

I re-read the blog post and this time was paying more attention to the details and names.  I realized that the name of one of the boys was the "formal" name for one of the boys that we hoped to adopt.  The details were similar to the boy we hoped to adopt (Jonathan).

Through some inquiries and ultimately a phone conversation, it became clear that what we feared had happened.  Little "Jonathan" had been chosen by another family.  Obviously, we are heart sick and will have to go through a grieving process.  The feelings and emotions are very strong at this point, but God will sort all that out in both families...He's faithful.

Understand that there are no hard feelings between our family and the family who is adopting J.  We will all meet up one of these days and share stories, tears, and laughter!!

Please pray for the this family.  Little "Jonathan" is VERY sick.  There is question whether he would have survived even until we got there.  This family is adopting 3 special needs children.  2 of these kids have severe medical issues that need immediate attention and treatment.  Mary and I are so THANKFUL to God and to the family who is rescuing him and will love him and care for him.  

We look forward to seeing what miraculous things the Lord does and we give Him THANKS and PRAISE.  You may ask how you can follow the scripture that says, "In everything, give thanks,"  when something like this has happened.  I don't have a good answer for that except that God has always proven Himself faithful.  God has always kept His promises.  God's ways are not my ways.  Everything God does is good.  Everything God does is right.  Our faith has found a resting place...the arms of our Loving Father.  We trust Him, we love Him, we THANK Him!!

Please pray for all the families involved and for the larger Reece's Rainbow family.  We're all in this together and when something like this happens (especially twice in a couple of weeks) it causes everyone a little anxiety to say the least. 

Just remember that God's plan will go forward and He will bring glory to Himself!  Praise Him!!

PS>>>>  The Malone Family and the John & Tracie Loux family hope to TRAVEL SOON!  Please pray for a speedy travel date for us to go get those boys!!

"I know Whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I've committed unto Him!"

Peace and Grace.

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