Saturday, September 13, 2008

The journey begins...  

The process has started!  We have started our home study, ordered copies of all the documents we need so far and have even began praying about the two little boys we hope to graft into our family.  We have barely started the journey and we are SO EXCITED and can hardly wait! Right now, we are anticipating about 1 month on our home study.  The social worker said she would really try to have everything ready to finish her report as soon as she receives all the documents that we have to collect for her (criminal background checks, child abuse registry reports, etc...) and then we can get it submitted to immigration.   We’re in the process of getting our application sent off to immigration in hopes that we can get our fingerprints and some of the red tape out of the way while we wait for the home study.  We are praying for favor and that our paper work will always land in just the right hands and that we won’t get lost on someone’s desk. 

We are going through lots of different emotions right now.  Excitement, FEAR, uncertainty in what the future holds, amazement about what the future might hold...  Above all, though, we are trusting God to do what He wants to do in our family and possibly in the lives of two little boys.

What next?

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